Utterly Yours™ Breast and Pregnancy Pillow - For Happier Mother & Babies Utterly Yours™ Breast and Pregnancy Pillow - For Happier Mother & Babies
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Sheri Lynn Hamersley Sheri Lynn Hamersley, MD, FACOG - Specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine
Website: www.mfmofmd.com

"I am dedicated in providing women with the most up to date developments for treatment, management and prevention of of thrombophilia, or blood-clotting disorders, in pregnancy.  These blood-clotting disorders most often go un-diagnosed and lead to miscarriage because there are rarely any symptoms.  At a basic level, I talk to women about the importance of sleep positioning as just one measure they can take to help baby get optimal blood flow.  Side-sleeping is certainly the most favorable position for blood flow during pregnancy. That is why I feel that products like the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow can help women achieve some of these preventive measures, and something women should be aware of as an aid available to facilitate the best possible sleep positioning."
Bita Motesharrie, MD FACOG - OB-GYN
Website: www.womensglobalhealth.com

"Sleeping on your left side during pregnancy is extremely important since it results in better blood flow to the baby. This is the primary reason I recommend the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow to my patients. It provides the perfect amount of lower back support to ensure that expectant mothers remain comfortably stable on their side, while their stomach is equally supported - but with a softer foam that offers a gentle lift so the baby's weight isn't pulling and causing strain on their lower back either."

Ellen Shein, IBCLC - Lactation Consultant
Website: www.mamash.org.il

"Finally a smart product that replaces the good ol' rolled up cloth diaper which we used to recommend for under the larger breast - but never worked successfully. The team of IBCLC's here at our clinic love the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow, as do our moms and babies!!"
Birgitta Lauren - Author, President Expecting Fitness inc
Website: www.expectingfitness.com

"The Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow is the most brilliant pregnancy pillow I have ever seen. It really helps expectant moms sleep more comfortably on their side to alleviate annoying back/hip pain as the pillow supports and addresses both front and back strain resulting from the growing belly. I was very pleased to be able to vote for the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow as a judge at the 2008 Juvenile Products Awards. The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is equally ingenious as it supports a mom just where she needs it to alleviate strain while nursing. Both of these are must haves for moms and moms-to-be."
Maryam Ovissi, 200 hr e-RYT - Yoga Professional, Co-owner of BelovedYoga
Website: www.BelovedYoga.com

"It's so important for expectant mothers to learn relaxation techniques that will promote physical comfort. I teach gentle prenatal yoga to help moms achieve serenity and overall well-being. With this in mind, I wanted to provide my expectant moms with additional tools to achieve physical comfort - especially during sleep since it becomes harder to get a good night's rest later on in pregnancy as the weight of the belly puts more strain on the lower back. This is why I promote the Utterly Yours Pregnancy pillow within my studio. It provides the support and comfort that is critical with prenatal sleep positioning. I wanted to make sure my moms know about it and have access to this genius product. I also have found it very helpful for those who are not pregnant, but have Sacro-illiac issues since the pillow provides great support for sleep"

Debbie Pierce - RN, IBCLC, Owner of Mother Nurture
Website: MotherNurtureChico.com

" The Utterly Yours breast pillow is a favorite product for women with larger breasts, who can face unique challenges with breastfeeding. They may find it difficult to position themselves, their babies and their breasts in a way that feels comfortable. The breast pillow provides an easy, comfortable, hands-free solution that I'm pleased to have available for my clients!"
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