Utterly Yours™ Breast and Pregnancy Pillow - For Happier Mother & Babies Utterly Yours™ Breast and Pregnancy Pillow - For Happier Mother & Babies
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The Utterly Yours™ Pregnancy Pillow

While the body is demanding more sleep, it gets harder to find a comfortable position as the baby continues to get bigger. Some doctors specifically recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side since this helps take pressure off the back and keeps the uterus off the large organ; the liver. It also optimizes blood flow to the placenta and, therefore, the baby.

The Utterly Yours™ Pregnancy Pillow will help women find the most comfortable resting position with its special revolutionary cubic design. When opened, it forms two triangles. Memory foam on one half of the pillow conforms to the mother’s belly. The other half of the pillow is made of higher density foam to support the back while keeping the body positioned to one side comfortably. The fabric that connects the two sides stretches to accommodate women as their bodies grow throughout their pregnancy.

While one of the biggest complaints of pregnancy pillows is that they are too bulky - taking up half the bed at night and no place to discreetly store during the day - the Utterly Yours™ product is quite simply the most compact pregnancy pillow on the market.

Mom Designed & Recommended by Professionals
to Ensure Your Comfort

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• Proven to reduce back pain
• Keeps you securely on your side - the optimal prenatal sleep position suggested by doctors
• Incredibly compact - small enough for travel
• Chic & stylish with beautiful, easy to care for fabric options
• Comfort, compact & ease of use in one revolutionary design
Made With Eco-Friendly Memory Foam


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